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NADSL recognises the crucial work of designated safeguarding leads (DSLs) and other designated safeguarding officer roles and brings together, in one place, all that is needed to increase specialist knowledge, develop new skills, share good practice, receive support and broaden experience. NADSL represents: Safeguarding Together.

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Safeguarding Supervision

Safeguarding supervision has a vital role to play in ensuring staff remain effective in their work to keep others safe. 

Effective supervision is vital to protect and identify vulnerable children and young people, as it provides the basis of sound professional judgements and partnership working. The importance of effective safeguarding supervision has been highlighted as a key theme in serious case reviews.

NADSL safeguarding supervision uses an established, evidence based model which is supportive, reflective, focuses on the quality of decisions, good risk analysis and improving outcomes for children/adults. Safeguarding supervision should not be about meeting targets.


NADSL Safeguarding Supervisors are available to practitioners as an important source of safeguarding expertise and support and can endorse key decisions. Effective supervision will take an anti-discriminatory approach and recognise equality and diversity issues appropriately. Our Supervisors have undertaken specialised training in Safeguarding Supervision.

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Yvonne Grant

Membership Coordinator
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Erica Lorenzon Da Silva

Legal Executive
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Rob Mottram

Director of Member Services
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Dr Dan Grant

Founder and CEO
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