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A Message From Our Founder

Welcome to the National Association of Designated Safeguarding Leads (NADSL), the only multi-disciplinary member organisation for children and adult safeguarding staff. We are now open for membership and I hope you find our website easy to access and full of information to help support you in your essential roles.

Without a doubt, 2020 was an extraordinary year. The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally impacted on society, how we connect and interact as individuals, and how we stay safe. Throughout the year, we’ve seen people face hardships and obstacles that we never imagined, and safeguarding staff have played one of the most important roles in the nation’s response.

Throughout 2020, we saw safeguarding leads and other key workers adapt to new ways of working in challenging and changing environments, as they strived to adapt and support people to improve their lives and remain safe. We heard inspiring stories of the lengths that were taken to protect people and we thank everyone who has shared their stories with us.

For all of us, 2021 is going to be a significant year – our first year as NADSL with members facing continued challenges in their day to day work. We’ve been eagerly preparing for it so that we can provide you with the right support, information and guidance. We are working to establish professional standards and begin a conversation on continuing professional development (CPD). We have continued to listen, learn and act on the feedback we received and to work closely with key stakeholders to consider constructive challenge along the way.
All that we’ve achieved this year wouldn’t have been possible without you – NADSL exists for its members; established because you asked for it. It is for those with an interest and a passion for safeguarding. Your highly valuable work to promote well-being and ensure people are safe is remarkable and inspiring.

Our joint success will be determined by what we can motivate others to do. Everyone who has joined us on our journey so far has made an impact on our thinking – on behalf of the NADSL management team we extend our thanks and gratitude.

Please take this opportunity to have a good look at our website and learn more about our membership experience. Safeguarding together is more effective and helps us all to make a greater impact. I look forward to you joining us.

Dr Dan Grant

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A message from Steve Phillip

10 days before taking his own life, my son visited his GP to explain how much he was struggling with his anxiety and depression.

I’ve often wondered how prepared Jordan was for that conversation and whether he felt able to convey what was really going on in his mind that day? I did get to speak to his Doctor, a couple of weeks after Jordan’s death, who said he saw no indication that he was at risk of suicide “Yes, he was upset and was crying at one point”

A 34 year old man, sitting, crying in a Doctor’s office, how much more of a warning is required in this day and age?

One of the challenges about being brave enough to talk about your mental health, to your Doctor or to anyone else, is that you’re unlikely to be thinking clearly and as a result, you may omit explaining symptoms and experiences which might be crucial information for others to then be able to provide you with the appropriate level of help and support.

This is why I think DocReady is such a brilliant website Its simple user interface, allows you to understand what questions you may be asked by your GP and then enables you to build your own questions checklist based on prompted symptoms and suggestions provided by DocReady.

Who do you know who might find this helpful?

We know that Emily is passionate about safeguarding and is dedicated to improving education, particularly for those that are disadvantaged. She has significantly supported schools and young people in the South East/London area.


Emily has offered her services to train upcoming senior leaders of education, alongside other headteachers, in London. She has worked alongside primary schools in order to create transition programmes, ensuring children moving from one phase to another do not have gaps in their learning, or wasted years, bridging the gaps between the phases.

Emily founded ‘F is not for Phonics’, an educational not for profit organisation that supports the education profession, on a completely free of charge basis, with operational services, improvement planning, policy formation, curriculum planning, report writing and data analysis.

Emily has been a trustee for ‘TEAM Tanzania’, an educational aid charity, supporting many projects in Tabora, including bringing clean drinking water to over 10,000 children and adults, toilets to 150 teachers and building classrooms and a kindergarten for 500 children.


She is passionate about shaping the profession, ensuring that it is recognised and held in the highest possible regard. This can be seen through her work with the Chartered College of Teaching. Emily is an Advocate for the Charter and works on the Journal Review Panel. She helps to spread the word of the Charter amongst local networks and colleagues. Emily peer reviews original research, case studies and teacher reflections for ‘Impact’, a fully peer-reviewed journal.

Emily was awarded Founding Fellowship of the Chartered College of Teaching (FCCT), recognising her significant and sustained contribution to the profession.

Finally, Emily writes children’s literature, ‘Kate goes to Margate’ and ‘Creepy Castle’, which aids reading through the use of phonics. She offers free library and school readings.


Exciting news on CPD – coming soon!

Annual Conference

NADSL annual conference details coming soon!

Interested in presenting a workshop or hiring an exhibitor pitch? Please contact us for details.



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Membership Coordinator
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Erica Lorenzon Da Silva

Legal Executive
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Rob Mottram

Director of Member Services
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Dr Dan Grant

Founder and CEO
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