Special Interest Groups

NADSL Special Interest Group Coordinators

Mental Health

Ceri Stokes

Youth Violence and Prevent

Haroon Bashir

Gender Identity Education and Support

Lee Clulow

See Lee’s webinar – ‘Gender Variance: Supporting Students’ in the Safeguarding Academy (members’ section)

Special Educational Needs & Disability

Margaret Hobson

Digital Safety Technology

Adele Abbiss

Safer Recruitment

Yvonne Sinclair

What would your ‘special interest group’ be?

Special Interest Groups are made up of subscribed members of the National Association of Designated Safeguarding Leads (NADSL) We believe they will play a vital role in professional development, sharing good practice and improving safeguarding across all sectors. It is, quite often, easy to become part of a professional bubble that struggles to see issues or challenges faced by another sector. We hope to help break down the boundaries and influence the notion that ‘it is someone else’s’ responsibility or job. We all know that is not the case and that poor communication and this outdated culture has led to tragedies in our communities.

We want to reduce the risk of harm by sharing and finding ways through difficulties and dangers together. If you have a burning desire to work across sector and find like-minded people to discuss issues with or have an idea to improve a certain situation, discussing your thoughts with others may help? Think about setting up a special interest group with NADSL and become a volunteer coordinator. Get in touch, we’ll discuss your idea with you and we’ll guide you through the process.



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